Unifying Commerce with Crypto

Facilitating various commercial activities to move crypto usage from the speculative trading bubble

Payment Functions

Multisignature Payment

Protected and confirmed transactions by multisignature payment

Recurring Transaction

Automate your payments to pay salaries and bills with recurring transaction

Flexible Transaction Fees

Setting the gas fee that is inversely proportional to the transaction time provides flexible transaction fees

Supported Activities

Global and Local Business

Integrate your business to showcase your products and services
Connect with potential customers
Seek top rated suppliers
Make payment or receive payment with the power of blockchain
No delay in receiving international payments
Multisignature payment confirmation

Facilitating Services

Post projects or jobs & look for expertise according to your need
Build up your resume
Find recruiters for your next job
Create a virtual office
Do remote jobs
Hire freelancers
Facilitate in-time salaries for employees with recurring transaction feature

Share/Sell Assets

Share or Rent your house, car or other assets
Search for available offered rooms nearby instead of hotels to spend the night
Sell your house or car
Showcase your convention hall for event booking

Tokenize Used products

You may have some used product that you want to sell. Convert your used products into NBR tokens by showcasing them for sale and finding potential buyers for it.


With the network of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, employers involved in the NOBAR network you can easily set your target group for an effective advertising campaign.

Customized Activities

By setting the parameters in our innovative customization section you can create an activity of your necessity to satisfy