Token Sale Milestones

To ensure proper usage of the fund raised and to create various modules of functionality from the platform, the whole token sale event has been divided into 4 milestones. These milestones will offer varyingly increasing degrees of benefits depending on the stage.

Soft Cap: 2M

Basic Shop-App for Android and iOS with ETH and NBR support
Integrable merchant dashboard
Basic Crypto Commerce web platform, android and iOS apps with ETH & NBR support

Advanced: 7M

Advanced Shop-app for android and iOS with NBR, ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH support
Advanced Crypto Commerce platform with consumer analytics and reporting along with ETH, NBR, BTC, BCH & LTC support
Integration of basic accounting tools for businesses
Multi-signature integration
Advanced Crypto Commerce web platform, android and iOS apps
API and documentation available for 3rd party payments processing integration

Super Advanced: 12M

Integration of local logistics for internal deliveries of products
24/7 call center and live chat support for users of the platforms
Integration of advanced accounting tools for businesses
Merchant Analytics support

Hard Cap: 20M

Complete Integration with logistics to support cross-border business from the platform
Support for hardware wallets
Cryptocurrency and token exchange support and integrable dashboard
Track and trace support for the flow of materials