Unified Blockchain Commerce!

Connecting all the fragmented markets to make a unified commerce on EOS blockchain

A Full Fledged Solution

NOBAR is creating a go-to platform for spending cryptocurrencies with blockchain's security and transparency along with providing merchants a risk-free solution for accepting crypto payments. We are leveraging the EOS blockchain to eliminate transaction fees and processing delays to make a scalable unified blockchain commerce.

Crypto Commerce

A decentralized marketplace for familiar e-commerce activities secured by NOBAR’s smart contract built on EOS.

Empowering business with processing on the blockchain

Sell used items through smart contract

Share, sell or rent assets

Recruitment on the blockchain

Targeted advertisement

Customized online shops

On the Blockchain

Settle payments with a secured and transparent escrow account

Act as an independent or an assigned third party or guarantor

Digitally sign and upload documents on the blockchain

Escrow Process

Step 1: An agreement is made and uploaded on the blockchain

Step 2: The agreed amount is collected in the escrow account

Step 3: The seller delivers the agreed product or service

Step 4: Proof of delivery is uploaded on the blockchain

Step 5: The buyer approves the delivery

Step 6: The agreed amount is disbursed from the escrow to the seller's account


An easy to integrate POS solution for crypto payments with instant conversion to FIAT in addition to a multi-currency wallet.

NOBAR's POS Solution

Real time Crypto/FIAT rate

Real time dynamic price of product

Crypto sent from buyer's Shop-App

FIAT deposited on seller's Shop-App

Instant conversion to FIAT with current exchange rate

Crypto received on seller's Shop-App

Building on EOS - Why?

NOBAR is being built on the highly scalable EOS blockchain. With features like zero transaction fee, instant payment confirmation and human-readable username, NOBAR is set to provide a smooth and better user experience.

Competitive Advantages

Easy to use interface with common patterns rather than keys for better user experience

Incentive by interest for holding NBR token and extra benefits for frequent users of the platform

A wide range of familiar e-commerce activities under one umbrella making NOBAR the go-to platform for spending crypto

An easily adobtable solution by risk-free crypto payments for merchants

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